Fresh corner is a new brand designed by the team at Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel, aiming to bring the concept of the hip and healthy Californian lifestyle to Hsinchu.

Our stores are located at the west lobby of the Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel and at Zhubei Jingzhan. Every morning, we offer freshly baked bread, healthy hand-made salads and delicious sandwiches. Drop by and give us a try!

Fresh Corner - Our Mission

We want to support everyone who wants to turn the concept of healthy eating from words into action.

At Fresh Corner, we believe that eating well is essential to feeling good and being happy. Even when you are busy and are trying to strike a balance between work, family, and the things you are passionate about, you can still make your life healthier and better. We make healthy eating easy and delicious.

It all goes back to simple facts. Good bread is made from high quality ingredients. Delicious salads are a collection of the freshest greens. Only if you eat well, you will feel good. With this simple concept in mind, the Fresh Corner team gets up at 4 a.m. every morning to make our breads, yogurts, salads, and sandwiches. We want you to enjoy the most delicious food.

Come pick up your salads and freshly baked bread every morning.

Eat well, feel good with Fresh Corner.

Fresh Corner - Our Food

Knowing what you and your family eat is crucial. We care about whether you live a healthy lifestyle as much as you care for yourself.

At Fresh Corner, we serve only food that we would also eat ourselves. All the food we sell is:

  1. Made using only high quality ingredients.
  2. Prepared in our in-house kitchen, not in some factory.
  3. Free from any chemical additives, flavor enhancers, or preservatives.

  • Fresh bread

Fresh Corner - Our bread

We make the kind of bread that you can get in a small artisan bakery in Paris. Using imported, high quality flour from France, we grow our own yeast cultures, let the dough ferment for the time it requires, and bake the bread freshly every morning. We do not compromise. It requires time to make really good bread.

Fresh Corner - Our sandwiches

We think of our kitchen as a fun laboratory. We experiment with different combinations of ingredients to craft delicious and sometimes creative sandwiches. As a result, you can get a wide variety of freshly made sandwiches at Fresh Corner, from our Thai roast beef sandwich to our chocolate banana panini. Everything goes, as long as the ingredients are fresh.

Fresh Corner - Our salads

Where possible, we use fresh greens that are in season. By carefully selecting seasonal vegetables, we are confident to that you can taste the real taste of spinach, zucchini, or cranberries, simple and fresh. Enjoy the high quality nutrients of fresh salads and make your day better.

Our breads, salads, sandwiches and everything else we sell are developed by our team of chefs at the Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel. They are the ones who dream up new ideas and then make ceaseless efforts to make healthy eating possible.

Fresh Corner is located at the West Lobby of Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel.